Recent testimonials
Eloise was very professional and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. She is enthusiastic in putting the right people doing the right things. She gave me insight and encouragement of trying this role. She is amazing to work with.
Maxine Chin
Eloise was not only spot on in directing me to the correct employer but was also very helpful through the interview process.
A real pleasure to talk to....great at making the conversation flow with ease.
Eloise was very friendly, asked the right questions and presented the job as a very exciting opportunity.

Very helpful
Akshar Vijay
Eloise is someone who would not only be your recruiter, but a friend and a guide as you travel the dark and ominous path of job seeking. Seriously, she is persistent and will not stop till she finds a career suitable to you. She will always communicate, offer options, clarify and confirm. Find her now, call her, beg her for some time, she can surely help you land your next job. Thanks again Eloise, let us catch up soon.
David Vinzon
I appreciate for checking my position at the client's place if my application was presented. Even if the client is not processing my application, and I didnt get that job, I would still appreciate Eloise for her initiative to cross verify. Really proactive and friendly to reach.
Mary Michael
Eloise is a very approachable person, and no question is a stupid question with her. She is so accommodating and she is very good at communicating details of whichever roles she offers. She is a patient lady as well. If you are seriously looking for a job, contact her and she can sure help you.
Very easy to talk to She really understand what job seeker need and hot to match it to available jobs
Timothy A
She is really good recruitment consultant .
Eloise made the experience a pleasure with her relaxed nature and guidance
Kris Charlton
Eloise is very experienced and mature recruitment consultant who will guide & support throughout recruitment process, best luck with your inner capabilities , experience & knowledge. Hey one can get through if they believe themselves. I would blindly recommend Eloise through out recruitment process with gut feelings .
Arun Devta.
Eloise has been very helpful and understands who I am and what I am looking for. She is an asset to your organisation.
Eloise is amazing! Very helpful and switch on recruiter. She provides guidance and up-to-date information so you know actually where you stand. You are a shining star, Eloise!
S Ling
Eloise is a very professional, courteous and very pro-active in ensuring that I was kept updated throughout the whole recruitment process, from interview right through to receipt of the job offer process.