Recent testimonials
Phillipa is exceptional. While I have only been placed once before by Phillipa she has spent a lot of time working to help me. Philippa is genuine and always works fast and to my preferences, communicates well and goes the extra mile. I really like her as a person, and I and others think she is really great at her job. I would (and have) recommended her to other contractors and hiring managers. They are not disappointed.
Phillipa is highly experienced contract recruiter. She is able to match appropriate roles well with the skill set and experience I offer.
Great understanding of agencies and the different range of policy roles available in the market - has her finger on the pulse on what can be a very fast moving market. Excellent grasp of the suitability of applicant's existing skill set, experience and career trajectory in recommending particular roles for consideration. High integrity and trustworthiness in terms of her job recommendations and advice. Proactive and engaged - great at reaching out and keeping in regular contact.

Very switched on recruitment agent. I have worked with Pip for years (both as a candidate and a client) and know her well. She understands the client, candidate and policy market extremely well. She is a consummate professional.
Phillipa is fantastic. She thinks outside the square, is approachable and supportive, is energetic and driven to find the right contract for me. I've so enjoyed working with her.
Had been a great person to deal with, always super helpful and easy to talk to about what I am looking for.
A brilliant experience from start to finish. Phillipa will be the first person I contact when I start looking for my next role.
Phillipa is very easy to talk to and very good at finding me interesting work that suits my needs and interests. Last year on one day, I had two offers through Phillipa and they were both excellent offers. Thank you for all your hard work.
Phillipa is my favourite employment agent. She always follows up and is just a sensible person about employment matters.
Ellen Blake
Phillipa is a delight to work with and goes the extra mile to find opportunities that meet my interests
Phillipa is lively, on the ball and completely reliable. She knows what’s going on in the market and where there might be a fit.
Phillipa has been great at finding opportunities that are a good fit for my skills, experience and preferences. She has also been great at negotiating pay and conditions, which reduces the stress and uncertainty for a worker. Phillipa always has her finger on the pulse of the job market and a keen sense of what employers are looking for.