Recent testimonials
Very experienced and understand the needs from both parties
Alex is quite friendly & clearly has the experience & the knack of establishing a personal rapport in the first few minutes, he empathises very well & puts you at ease before exploring the candidate's suitability, I liked his approach & professionalism.
Jai Bhasin
Great consultant & very thorough when assessing the role & candidates for suitability! I was pleasantly surprised @ just how ideally suited to me & the stage of my career I was at, the role he found for me ended up being & no doubt that very shrewd intial matching & his diligent efforts to assist me through the hiring process certainly contributed towards me landing the ideal role! Highly recommend, he’s a great, smart, balanced & objective guy.
Alex was a big help in understanding the company, role, JD and in through out the whole process. would recommend any one looking for career growth to get in touch with him.