Here are some of our 35 testimonials

Naomi delivered a precise description of the job I was interested in with an enthusiastic energy and detailed brief. It was lovely to have such a dedicated recruitment agency.

Jo (Candidate)
Hannah is very efficient, caring and professional individual recruiter. Really appreciated her helps.

Diane (Candidate)
Hannah and the team at Sprint People are so friendly and such a pleasure to deal with, they are quick and help you every step of the way. A lovely and very different recruiter experience, this is how working with recruiters should be!

Ainsley (Candidate)
Naomi is undoubtedly an industry leader in her field and her experience is second to none. She reads between the lines and sees potential where others don't, which is what sets her apart from the rest. Naomi cares about the client and the candidate equally to ensure a perfect match and success for both. She also has an excellent team who are a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your support!

Dasha (Candidate)
I highly recommend working with Naomi. Naomi listened to what I was looking for, provided real advice and feedback on what is currently available, timeframes on when I could expect to see these roles and (which I find is rare) so easy to discuss your career with. Naomi is one of the best recruiters I have worked with.

Jo (Candidate)
Really bright and friendly. Incredibly detailed too

Hannah was great through the whole process, getting to know what I was looking for in a role, and then giving me a thorough background on the interview process as it progressed

Pat (Candidate)
Hannah is fantastic and a great recruiter that understands your career path!!

Sarah (Candidate)
Hannah is absolutely brilliant! Lovely person who really cares about what’s she’s doing

Blythe (Candidate)
Naomi is one of the most diligent and caring recruiters I've ever dealt with, the time she takes talk you through the role, the follow ups and just her overall persona is a breath of fresh air in a often uncaring environment

Justin. (Candidate)
I found Hannah to be engaging, empathetic and clearly defined the guidelines both parties are looking for. Not only was she very professional but provided me with confidence that she was representing both parties equally.

MARC (Candidate)
For Peta to send me an email on Sunday afternoon to wish me best of luck for my Monday morning interview and provide tips to help me with the interview - that is care and dedication to her candidate. Great job.

Nhung (Candidate)
This was my first experience with a recruitment company involved and I honestly could not have asked for a better one. Hannah was so supportive - genuinely there for me when I needed her and I feel like she genuinely cared about me as a person as well. I know it was her job to help me find work but I felt more as if it was one of my friends giving me a hand with the process then a stranger. She was so approachable and is one of the kindest people I have come across. Anyone who has the pleasure to work with or alongside Hannah is truly a very very lucky individual.

Maddi Morgan (Candidate)
Hannah is a lovely recruiter to partner with. She understands the needs of our business, the candidate requirements (both quality and organizational fit), the best communication methods to communicate with me, and overall regular check ins and updates. Hannah does not make this process feel like the candidates are a number or that you as the client are an 'invoice only' for commission which can often happen with partnering with generic transactional recruiters. She takes the time to get to know you as a client and her catch ups are personal as well as business and market orientated which makes it a fantastic experience overall to partner with Hannah and Sprint. I would highly recommend business' to partner with Hannah, Naomi and the team - you will be amazed by the experience!

Lauren C (Hiring Manager)
Peta was extremely helpful and friendly. She made everything clear from the start and gave me all the information I needed. I felt that she was really trying to better understand my background and what I was looking for in order to find a role that would be suitable for me. Professional, efficient, and great experience.

Emily (Candidate)
Hannah personal and professional approach is what sets her apart. I feel confident she has mine and the clients best interest.

Katherine (Candidate)
Absolutely love working with Hannah. She understands how time poor we are and just 'gets' the business. Would recommend Hannah to anyone looking to find the perfect fit for their team.

Charlotte (Hiring Manager)
Hannah communicated extremely well throughout the whole recruitment process and made it all seem very easy.

Nathan (Candidate)
I first met Naomi around 4 years ago when I moved back to Australia from the UK. I randomly stumbled upon a job ad and to this day, I'm so grateful I did. Her honesty, hustle and professionalism is second to none. Naomi and her team truly work for both her clients and her candidates and I've had the pleasure to experience this from both sides. Sprint People is more than just your generic recruitment company. I highly recommend.

Laura (Candidate)
Years ago, Sprint People posted an amazing role online and I really wanted it. I called them straight away and as soon as I heard Naomi’s voice, I just knew I was in good hands. She was encouraging and ensured that I was fully prepared. I ended up getting the job! Naomi is truly engaging, passionate and the best in the business. To this day, I still call Naomi for advice and, who knows, she may just help me land my next role.

Alex (Candidate)