Here are some of our 357 testimonials

Prompt and helpful with followups, information about the role, what I'm looking for, suitable roles for my specific skills and preferences.

Peter (Candidate)
Very thankful to Indianna for promptly responding to my application and supporting me through the interview process!

Salek (Candidate)
Ajay Singh is a go-to recruiter whom I was able to call anytime for any questions. He is very professional and detailed oriented guy. I will forward his details to my friends for sure.

Shyam (Candidate)
Darren is extremely engaging and very professional. I have really enjoyed working with him to secure this interview

Sharney (Candidate)
Thank you Lee, I wasn't even looking for a new job but you came to me with a very compelling job description, location and remuneration package. I'd be a chump to not follow up, and I secured an interview. Ultimately it wasn't for me, but I got an insight into what I could be worth and its good to know that I've got the right mix of experience, skills and a resume to match that at least gets me in the door. Thank you.

Brent (Candidate)
I found Tito very professional and informative. He gave me accurate details of the position and what the employer is looking for.

Matt (Candidate)
Tito has been fantastic in keeping me updated with the movements of the role and provided ongoing support to prepare for the interview process. When offered the role, Tito was not pushy and was very amicable when I was not able to accept. I believe this is what sets apart great recruiters.

Sarah (Candidate)
Talking to and working with Lee, I feel like I found a long lost friend! Lee is fantastic at what he does. He is very knowledgable, knows the roles for which he is recruiting well and understands his customer needs and he is natural at explaining every detail to the candidate. Lee is very approachable, makes the process interesting and very engaging. Lee followed up with me and checked on me almost as if I was his only and most important client, which I know I am in fact one of many lucky clients of his. Lee clearly found his calling as he is one of the best at what he does, it almost feels effortless. Thank you Lee for the great experience.

Eldar (Candidate)
Melissa has been lovely and helpful throughout the job search process. I would definitely recommend her and know anytime I'm on the market she will do her best to help secure me a role.

Danielle (Candidate)
Lee was a kind recruiter that enabled me to succeed at an amazing job opportunity. His vast experience provided some crucial insights into the professional recruitment world and I would wholeheartedly recommend Lee if you want a new job opportunity whilst learning and interacting with an awesome human being.

Kevin (Candidate)
One of the best recruiters I have come across. He provided all the information necessary for my interview and prepared me well.

Pooja (Candidate)
Thanks for all your efforts really appreciate it. Great communication and regular updates. Cheers

Vipin (Candidate)
Lee is an experienced Recruiter serving his clients well. Great relationship builder.

Raj (Candidate)
Tito has been very helpful and informative and has been very prompt in keeping me up to date during the process. Very pleasant to deal with.

Brooke (Candidate)
Very professional and genuinely cared in preparing me for the interview and ensuring I understood what the client was looking for.

Gina (Candidate)
Melissa is a pleasure to work with. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and looks out for the best interests of both the hiring company and potential candidate. Her communication skills are top notch. She also doesn't keep you in the dark about the status of your application and is very responsive. I would love to work with Melissa again.

Athena (Candidate)
Melissa is a professional, friendly person who gave me a comprehensive description of the role I was applying for and provided useful advice and documentation to help me prepare for the interview. She also contacted me after the interview to provide feedback. I would rate Melissa as one of the nicest, as well as one of the most professional, agency people I have dealt with in the long course of my career.

Di (Candidate)
Friendly and encouraging, Melissa has been informative about the employer's interview process and helpful in fast-tracking the process as I'm under a bit of crunch to line up my options.

Rebecca (Candidate)
Melissa was great - a friendly and professional recruiter. Knew exactly what her client was looking for. Also on the candidate side has a good sense of what skillset / background would be a fit for the role. Not pushy, had a nice manner. Thanks

Andrea (Candidate)
Nice to work with. Friendly and awesome guy that keeps me up to date with role status.

Simon (Candidate)