Here are some of our 215 testimonials

Rohan's response and feedback is always efficient, with thorough outline and information. His focus is suitability of role to meet my expectations and skill set. A very helpful experience.

Jennifer (Candidate)
Isabella is just amazing, great communication, seems to genuinely care for everyone involved in the process. I have already been recommending Kingfisher to anyone who needs a job!

Shannon (Candidate)
I had a very positive experice working with Adam on finding me the right job role. Adam understood my expectation and requirments that i need for my new role. Adam was able to provde clear expectations and honesty and was able to support with making the right decisions. Adam will be first on the list if i ever required a recruitment in the future.

Nath (Candidate)
Liana was friendly and explanined the role and salary in detail. I felt comfortable talking to Liana and sharing my information.

Adele (Candidate)
Andrew has assisted us with a number of new placements for our business. He took the time to get to know our business and was persistent, diligent and understanding. Thanks Andrew

Adrian (Hiring Manager)
Andrew had impressed me over the years as being over of the most proactive recruitment consultants from the perspective of both an client and a candidate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew for recruitment needs.

Mark (Candidate)
Isabella was very easy to deal with and forthcoming of the role requirements and had answers to all related queries. Very approachable.

Sujal (Candidate)
An enjoyable interview where Mal established an immediate connection. This immediate connection allowed for the interview process to be a relaxed two conversation cutting to the salient points that mattered between both parties.

Frank (Candidate)
Mal has been an excellent communicator and provided some sound pointers to delineate what is most on-point in my search for the best-fit role so far. A breath of fresh air in the talent space

ROBERT (Candidate)
Best recruiter in the industry for project marketing roles. Stella placed me in my current role and has always understood my skill set, experience and requirements and matched me to roles accordingly.

Judy (Candidate)
Andrew is a diligent recruiter that knows his customers well and is proactive in his search for prospective candidates. Andrew has great communication skills with both candidates and employers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew for recruiting purposes.

M (Candidate)
Adam is one of the best in the industry and I cannot thank Adam and his team enough to help secure the role I've been searching for. Adam and the team are always so patient, friendly and responsive and are always available to answer any queries you might have about roles and the market in general. Adam's passion and knowledge of the industry is unmatched and I would recommend Adam to anyone who is looking to take that next step up in their career. Also, a big shout out to Isabella and Sarah from Adam's team who have been a pleasure to liaise with and have also supported me tremendously to secure my role. Superstars!!

Jason (Candidate)
Lovely and bright personality. Provided specifics and always keeping in me in the loop in the progression of the client views and interview stages. Amazing recruiter!

Hien (Candidate)
Sarah approached me via LinkedIn and from there we set up a teams cal to discuss roles further. From start to finish Sarah was welcoming, positive and friendly! The conversation flowed well and I felt comfortable throughout the call.

Isabel (Candidate)
Adam is the most knowledgeable recruiter in the property area . He is always ahead of the game on trends and how the market is changing. I've worked with Adam to fill roles in my team and personally and it's always a pleasure dealing with him and his team. He is my go to recruiter.

Ben (Candidate)
Mal provided great support and assistance during the recruitment process. He actively followed up with the business and provided regular updates along the way. He made the whole process easy and provided coaching along the way for me to prepare and best meet the businesses needs. I would highly recommend Mal and the agency after my experience.

Grant (Candidate)
Mal Stuart provided exceptional service in recruiting this position. He took the time to explain the clients needs in practical detail and clearly valued the time and effort of candidates who inquired about the role. This not only projected a positive image of the client organisation but also meant he was able to expedite negotiations because he had a clear grasp of the client and candidate needs. At all times I felt I had a clear picture of the client's position and a high level of trust in the negotiations Mal put in place. Mal demonstrates a highly proficient understanding of the position he recruited which enabled him to cut through to advise the client and myself on the best way to reach agreement. It is rare and refreshing to work with a recruiter who is open, honest and respectful of all parts of the process and the people involved. It is a pleasure to work with Mal and this was one of the most stress free recruiting experiences I have encountered.

Andrew (Candidate)
Stella is a very professional, supportive and smart recruiter. She is always responding, considering and efficient. Thank you Stella for all the support!

Sally (Candidate)
Meg is both professional and personable, making the interview process comfortable. Meg is great with her updates, keeping you well informed of how each step is progressing with job opportunities. I think Meg's ability to tap into personalities and match candidates accordingly is a speciality and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to other people looking for work.

Jacquelyn (Candidate)
Meg is a delightful person with a very professional attitude, attention to detail, supportive, accessible, friendly with a genuine interest in her clients.

Caryn (Candidate)